A Detailed Guide On How To Pick The Best Unique Burgundy Makeup For Your Wedding Photos (2022)

When you’re smiling in the pictures, you feel like you’re taking a good shot, but can you be so sure? One of the ways that you can help your chances of looking your best is through your makeup decisions. But the wedding day is a completely different ballgame than going out for dinner.

Finding a good makeup artist

When you’re looking for someone to do your makeup for your wedding, you want to listen to your friends and family for referrals. If someone’s name keeps popping up, then you will want to schedule a consultation with them to see what they are like and what they can do for you.

Even if you’re not starting off with a list of people to turn to, you can go through the phone book and start calling to see who does bridal parties. If you have bridesmaids that you want to have makeup for as well, you may want to invite one of them along for help.

Have the makeup artist do your face in the way that you would want for your wedding day. Be specific about what you want and see how they respond. This should be free at first, so be sure to ask a lot of questions, find out the pricing and if she or he will go to the hotel or if everyone needs to go to the salon.

Here’s the key to finding out if the artist is any good for you: have your bridesmaid take a picture of your face in the outdoors and indoors. This will help you to see if you will look good in your pictures, or if you need to find someone else.

If you don’t normally wear makeup

It’s okay if you don’t wear makeup on an everyday basis. Most times, the artists will just make sure that you don’t have any visible blemishes or scars for your pictures as well as enhance your eyes and smile. You should tell the artist if you’re uncomfortable with anything that they’re doing; so that you find someone that will work with you, rather than just do what they think is best.

Even if you end up doing your own makeup, you should be putting your best face forward for your wedding pictures. If there’s a feature on your face that you particularly like, draw attention to that. You can read magazines for advice or have a bridesmaid paint your face and try new things on you.


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