An Ultimate Guide To Have The Perfect Wedding Day Photos For The Most Memorable Day Of Your Life (2022)

Your wedding is one of the most beautiful and important days in your life. Something you definitely want to capture with great photographs – both for yourself and for future generations. However, a worst case scenario, could have you paying lot’s of money for a bunch of pictures you really are not satisfied with. This article will walk you through some of the most important aspects of wedding photography.

Choosing a photographer

Your first task is naturally to select a wedding photographer. Most expensive doesn’t always translate into “best”, so it can pay off doubly to check out several companies and photographers. Also, you should be aware of that some photographers only offer the traditional wedding photography style, or strictly a photojournalistic style. It is best to find a versatile photographer that can do both.

When visiting the photo company you should inquire who will actually be taking the pictures. Salespersons often pose as actual photographers and try to woo customers. If at all possible you should speak directly with the photographer and make sure companies deal openly. You should also ask them to show several complete weddings from each of the photographers they offer you, so you can choose. Make sure the one chosen is the one that will cover your wedding. Otherwise, it is better to find a photographer that personally shoots weddings. A two-person team is an even better package because two points of view of the wedding can be taken.

In any case, the photographer should be able to show more than one complete set of wedding photos. Couples should not accept someone who shows only selected prints of their best photographs from different weddings. A photographer who can exhibit three or four complete sets of good quality pictures, all from different weddings, will probably be a very good choice for your special occasion.

Do not be afraid to come across as “too picky”. Because asking intelligent questions will encourage photographers to deal openly with customers. Remember, it’s your special day, and you should make sure that the wedding photography is something that will help you and your loved ones relive those wonderful memories.

The big day – one big photo-op

Once a great photographer has been appointed to the task, most of your job is already done. However, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to make your wedding as good a photo opportunity as possible.

The first thing to do is to give the most opportunities for the photographer when scheduling activities during the wedding day. When planning the time of the wedding ceremony and of the reception, couples should incorporate the time that the photographer requires to capture all of the couple’s special moments. There should be a gap between the end of the ceremony and beginning of the reception, to allow for more photographs for the bride, groom and wedding entourage, especially if they are in two different locations. The photographers and subjects will have a more relaxed shoot and will enjoy all the parts of the wedding if the events are well spaced out.

Selecting a photographer that will provide unlimited coverage for the whole day is also a good way to ensure that none of the photography will be rushed.

The check list

As you see, the most important part with successful wedding photography lies in selecting the right photographer. So, to conclude this article, here is a short check list of things you should ask all potential photographers.

– What kinds of cameras does he use? Does he use medium format equipment and have a back up? Does have a “leaf” shutter or “focal plane”?

– What lenses does he use? Does he use only one, or will he change lenses? Make him show you photo effects that he is able to achieve with different lenses and choose the ones which you like to appear with your photographs.

– Will he provide photographs in both color and black and white, or would he charge extra for B/W? Dramatic effects can be made with black and white photographs, so ask if this is a premium.

– Are hand and digital coloring or digital color separation included in the package or would he charge extra for these? Better pictures are developed when the photograph colors are separated first, improved, and then printed.

– Is he willing to customize a package that is within your budget?

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