Best Burgundy Marriage Decorations Tips : Cheap But Classy Wedding Ideas On Budget To Prepare For Your Big Day (2022)

It’s built up by so many families, talked about in so many films and books, and is said by many to be the biggest day of a girls life. But planning the fairytale wedding that every little girl imagines can be more difficult than you think.

There are so many things to prepare and organise that leading up to the wedding can be rather stressful. This is why preparation is the key, and in particular starting this preparation in plenty of time. Start by doing a few tasks each week to ease the stress and to prevent from the tasks becoming overwhelming.

For many, the wedding day is a financial struggle. It is reported that the average cost of a wedding nowadays can be upwards of $20,000, so if you have a budget make sure that you stick to it, no matter how tempting the over-priced wedding dress is in the shop window!

When you get under way planning your wedding, it can soon become apparent that the budget is being eaten up fast, which is why it is essential to save wherever possible. After all, who wants to pay more for something than they have to, even if it is for one of the biggest days of your life.

There are many money saving opportunities along the way:

By the time you’ve totalled up the number of guests you would like to invite to your wedding, you may realise that this is going to be your biggest expense. If need be, save money by inviting only close friends and family and leave those that are friends of friends or distant family members that you may not have seen for 10 years.

Wedding dress:
Shop around for a dress within your budget and also look out for any discounted sales. Also take a look at second-hand dresses.

Although it is important to keep memories of the day, instead of having a photographer for the whole day, consider hiring one just for the ceremony and ask family members or friends to take photos throughout the rest of the day.

Catering and alcohol:
You don’t have to have a top three-course meal if it is not within your budget. You may be able to offer a buffet, or to use a small catering company instead of the full-service catering at the reception venue. Similarly do not use the reception services’ beverages as you will be charged at retail price. If allowed, purchase your own alcohol.

Create your own wedding invitations and print from home. Furthermore, if your invitation list is long, then send a traditional paper invitation to close family members, and contact others via email.

There is much to plan and a lot to think about leading up to a wedding. To find a wealth of information regarding weddings take a look at:


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