Best Burgundy Wedding Favors For Minimal Budget That Will Make Your Marriage Ceremony More Interesting Than Ever (2022)

The dress has been ordered, your future husband is actually getting excited now and most of the preparations are done. Now it’s time to decide on which wedding favours will best suit your theme. Choosing between edible wedding favours [such as candy wedding favours] and inedible wedding favours [such as candle wedding favours] is really quite a dilemma! Your guests will always remember the favours that you choose. It’s strange to think that after all that money, effort, stress and panic involved in wedding planning, that the guests only memories of the day will be the bride’s dress and the wedding favours. Therefore, deciding between edible wedding favours and alternative wedding favours such as candle wedding favours is a tricky business and needs careful consideration.

On one side of the fence there are inedible favours that vary hugely from photo album favours to wedding favour coasters and seed packet favours to candle wedding favours. The selection is quite vast so it is really a case of choosing which ones best suit your wedding theme. On the positive side, inedible wedding favours can be kept forever and therefore provide a life-long lasting memory of your special day.

In addition, after a delicious wedding banquet, 3 glasses of champagne and a piece of wedding cake many guests are turned off by the thought of having to eat more!

Research has shown that not all edible wedding favours are actually eaten anyway as many guests wish to have them as a keepsake. So perhaps you may want to seriously consider favours that are not edible. There is nothing more special than lighting a wedding candle favour some months after the happy event is over. As the wick is burning, the happy couple and their future happiness together is foremost in your thoughts!

Alternatively, edible wedding favours are really rather tasty – especially for the younger guests. It is hard enough for little ones to sit through the whole event without having a tantrum only to realise that there are no candy wedding favours on their arrival at the reception. The promise of candy wedding favours is a real incentive for mums who are struggling with their little terrors during a lengthy church ceremony! As far as more traditional guests are concerned [your Great-Grandmother and old Auntie Doris], a wedding just wouldn’t be a wedding without edible wedding favours such as sugared almonds or delicious dragees! Of course, the 5 candy wedding favours inside the net, bag, pouch or box date back some centuries and represent: fertility, health, happiness, longevity and wealth.

There are many wedding guests who may feel offended not to receive a traditional edible wedding favour as the consumption of said favour is intended to bring about these 5 qualities wished for the happy couple.

Candy wedding favour or candle wedding favour – the choice is yours. But, it is also important to realise that you cannot please all of your guests all of the time, unless… you decide to offer candy wedding favours to your younger and older wedding guests and offer candle wedding favours for your modern guests.


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