Burgundy Ornaments : 5+ Things You Should Do Before Purchasing A Wedding Rings In 2022

Presenting rings is sign of showing love to one’s beloved. It is considered as precious thing in many countries. It is a symbol of faith. The moment of exchanging rings between bride and groom cannot be forgotten in their life. It symbolizes past, present and future of relationship of couples. By wearing ring, married couples declare their eternal love to each other. Wedding rings are normally worn on the ring finger of left hand. However, after marriage, the couple can choose to wear ring on any finger.

There are different designs of wedding rings. They are usually made up of metals like gold, silver, or platinum. A precious stone is usually placed in the middle of the ring. People choose the wedding rings depending upon their Budget, taste and other factors. Wedding Rings is different from engagement rings. But in some European cultures, wedding rings in fact resemble engagement rings.

The concept of Best man carrying the ring is associated with British tradition. The best man is given the duty of keeping track of the marrying couple’s wedding rings and he is also responsible to produce them during the marriage ceremony, at the symbolic moment of the giving and receiving of the ring/s between the bride and the groom.

A ring bearer may assist in ceremonial parading of ring/s into the ceremony, often a special cushion in some marriages. Exchange of the wedding ring is considered more connected to the exchange of valuable thoughts. Wearing rings indifferent fingers prevents scratching of ring.

In recent generation, people encouraged by jewelry trade seek to enlarge the concept of a series of gifts of ring including promise ring, wedding ring etc, wedding ring is the last gift in this series.

A tradition in Europe encourages the engraving of the couple’s name and their date of marriage on the inner surface of wedding rings, thus strengthening the symbolism and sentimentality of the rings as they become family heirlooms.

In the United States and United Kingdom, in past generations, ladies wear wedding bands more commonly than men. Today, both partners are wearing wedding rings. Some may dislike idea of wearing precious metals, or the idea of declaring their legal relationship through jewelry. Partners may also wear wedding rings on a chain round neck.

It is observed that usually ladies wear the wedding ring below the engagement ring, thus making the ring nearer to the heart. Another concept states that the woman should wear her engagement ring below the wedding ring, thus sealing the atmosphere of the engagement into the marriage. Some are of the opinion that the wedding ring should be worn alone.

The double-ring ceremony, means use of wedding rings by both partners, is a recent innovation. A marketing campaign aimed at encouraging the concept of double ring ceremony in the late 19th century was launched by the American jewelry industry. Second World war had its effect on this campaign and led to a more successful marketing campaign, and during this time double ring ceremony became popular.


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