Burgundy Wedding Venue : Requirements For You To Get Married In St. Thomas, Virgin Islands (2022)

To say that St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands is a beautiful place is akin to saying that Cindy Margolis is a beautiful woman. You get an idea of what the person making the statement is trying to convey, but the term “beautiful” doesn’t quite do the subject justice. St. Thomas transcends beauty and supercedes even our best definitions of the very concept. St. Thomas is home to sparkling waters, breathtaking tropical landscapes, and wonderful weather year-round. Can you think of a better place to get married? A St. Thomas wedding is an experience that will leave you reeling in romance for years to come and give you beautiful memories for the rest of your life.

As with any destination wedding, the key to your perfect St. Thomas wedding is in finding the best experience at the best price. Dealing with a travel agent to put together a package for hotel and travel arrangements is always the best and least expensive way to go. The agent can find deals that simply are not available to the general public, getting you to the islands for much less than you would have thought possible. Be sure to try and arrange for one of the impressive air or sea tours of the islands while you’re at it, the US Virgin Islands possess a beauty that simply has to be experienced.

For your St. Thomas wedding ceremony there are a number of options available, but a package deal will again get you the best prices on everything you need for a memorable wedding experience. Wedding planning companies on St. Thomas offer packages that include everything from photography and flowers to private ceremonies on a secluded beach and bottles of Dom Perignon. Pricing for the wedding packages varies based upon what the package includes and range from about five hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The most extravagant packages will cost you the most money, of course. Even a package worth over seven thousand dollars is less expensive than what many people pay for traditional weddings at home however, and the amenities make it well worth the cost. You don’t have to be Donald Trump to enjoy your St. Thomas wedding; however, even the least costly wedding packages make for a romantic wedding that is unlike any wedding experience you could get in your own hometown.

If you’re planning to enjoy a fabulous destination wedding, St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands is well worth a look. The island offers everything that a couple could possibly desire in an exotic and romantic wedding destination while still being a part of the United States of America. For a fraction of what you might pay for a wedding here at home you can live and be treated like a celebrity for a few days surrounding the most special and romantic day of your entire life and return home with stories to tell of your incredible wedding adventure and memories that will stay with you forever.


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