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Mandalay Bay’s wedding chapel is called Chapel by the Bay. There are several Mandalay Bay wedding packages you can choose from to make your Las Vegas wedding day memorable.

The Diamond Lights package boasts a bottle of champagne, Mandalay Bay champagne flutes, deluxe fruit basket, a bouquet each for the bride and maid of honor, a boutonniere each for the groom and best man, a bridal garter, complete photographic coverage of the wedding party and immediate family, a wedding album containing 24 4×6 photographs, a personalized leather album containing 12 8×10 photographs, 12 5×7 photographs, a DVD recording, a unity candle and service and a custom holder for the wedding certificate.

The Platinum Skies package includes the above bouquets and boutonnieres, bridal garter, bottle of champagne with Mandalay Bay champagne flutes and custom holder for the wedding certificate. It also contains a video recording of the ceremony, a pianist and the minister’s fee. The wedding album contains 24 4×6 photographs and another ten 5×7 photographs is included in this Mandalay Bay wedding package.

The Opal Shores package is very similar to the Platinum Skies package but it doesn’t include the maid of honour’s bouquet or the best man’s boutonniere. The photography for this package consists of a wedding album containing 20 4×6 photographs and six 5×7 photographs.

The Crystal Waters package comprises a small bouquet for the bride, boutonniere for the groom, bridal garter, bottle of champagne, custom holder for the wedding certificate, pianist and minister’s fee. The photography consists of a wedding album with 20 4×6 photographs.

Whichever wedding package you choose, you’re sure to have a day to remember. Viva Las Vegas!


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