Hiring A Professional Wedding Videographer Or Not? Here Are Some Questions To Consider

Should I hire a professional video production firm or should I simply save money and have my “Uncle Charlie” film it? This is a question that a lot of brides ask themselves, and it’s a subject that comes up quite often.

“Uncle Charlie” is a name that is often used by professional videographers to refer to a member of the bride and groom’s family or a close friend who has volunteered to record the wedding. Therefore, what are the benefits and drawbacks of using Charlie? The most significant advantage is the price, since he is almost never paid.

What are some of the negative aspects? Unluckily for brides, there are many of the following:

  1. The quality of the video Some “Uncle Charlies” still use outdated VHS or VHS-C cameras, which have a horizontal resolution of approximately 270 lines. This is in contrast to the MiniDV cameras that are used by the majority of professional videographers, which have a resolution that is approximately twice as high as VHS. What exactly does this entail? The video quality and colour saturation that may be achieved with the equipment of a professional videographer are much higher.
  2. The camerawork is wobbly and unclear; do you remember the movie that Uncle Charlie took at the most recent family reunion? shaky (since there was no tripod), sometimes grainy, sometimes with an exposure that was either too bright or too dark, and with an unending amount of zooming in and out? Your wedding can wind up appearing like every other wedding out there. A professional video production business will use tripods to ensure that their camera shots are completely stable. The amount of zooming done is maintained to a minimum, and the increase in light is precisely managed.
  3. Inadequate camera position: A lot of Uncle Charlies just sit someplace in the crowd and attempt to zoom in beyond the people who are sitting in front of them to record the bride and groom. This is a terrible camera position. What takes place? Ask yourself whether you really want Aunt Edna’s beehive hairstyle to take up half of the frame when you look at the picture. On the other hand, if the video production firm is competent and has more than one camera, they will continuously swap between the cameras in order to provide you with the greatest possible picture at all times.
  4. Poor audio. You can’t rely on the public address system to provide satisfactory sound. Our wireless microphone equipment or the MP-3 recorder that was carried by both the groom and the officiant came in handy at a number of the weddings that we performed.
  5. Highlights that were not captured: After the ceremony, many Uncle Charlies put their cameras away and joined in on the fun that was going on. Big error. The highlights of the reception, such as the grand arrival, the toast and speeches, the cutting of the cake, the first dance, additional dances, and the bouquet and garter tosses, are something that the bride and groom anticipate seeing. All of these priceless moments will be captured by a reputable video production firm, and if you so wish, they may even do interviews with members of the bridal party and other guests.
  6. In the worst-case scenario, what is the most catastrophic event that may occur with Uncle Charlie? The aunt of the bride apparently had recorded “a lot of weddings” and was all set up to do their wedding. This is a genuine tale that actually occurred to a friend of mine whose son got married not too long ago. What came to pass? The Videographer Aunt just did not appear to the gathering. Oops.

In a nutshell, you get what you pay for, and the piece of mind that comes with hiring a competent video production business is well worth the investment. Your wedding is a special occasion that deserves to be documented with the utmost care and precision by seasoned experts.

Breakthrough Marketing conducted a poll of brides and found that “brides in the midst of arranging the wedding do not instantly grasp the effect of a professionally-produced film.” A little over half of women (54%) consider video to be one of the Top 10 most significant bridal services when they are still in the planning stages of their weddings. This percentage, however, jumps to 79% AFTER the wedding, when the brides reflect on their experience and determine the relative worth of each of the services they received. 23% of brides consider video to be one of the Top 5 services before their wedding day. Following the wedding, that percentage will increase to 42%. After the wedding, the worth of the footage will be significantly increased.

If you end up deciding to hire a professional wedding videographer, here are some questions to consider

  • Which method of videography are you interested in? Cinematography in the classic or contemporary style?
  • Do you have a positive impression of the possible videographer with whom you have met for a consultation? You need to feel comfortable with them since you will be spending the most of your wedding day with them.
  • When did he or she first start working in this field? Inquire about recommendations from previous customers as well as other experts with whom they may have worked.
  • Always be sure to inquire about seeing multiple examples of their previous work (meaning more than two well-edited ones).
  • Inquire of the videographer about the methods through which he or she remains abreast of developments in the video industry. How do they manage to continue their education, stay informed, etc.?
  • At your event, how many cameras, microphones, and lighting, among other things, will be used? Any gathering requires you to have lighting with you at all times. It’s possible that lighting won’t always be utilised, but if the reception is just faintly illuminated, a videographer who doesn’t have any lights should raise some red flags.
  • Will the videographer be assisted in their work by another person? This is a really significant point. Will it be necessary for him or her to leave your event in order to go collect the missing camera attachment if it turns out that he or she forgot it? Will there be a backup system in place in the event that there is an issue with the equipment?

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