Hiring A Wedding Minister – Officiant For Your Wedding Ceremony

You pretty much have to have a wedding minister aka wedding officiant, so don’t simply choose the first one that comes along, unless it’s someone you know personally and well.

You should hire a wedding minister early on in your wedding planning.  This is because those who are in high demand usually have full schedules when the wedding season arrives.

Here are some things to consider, to help you choose the right wedding minister.

  • What is your first impression of him or her?  Do you like them right away?
  • Do you like the tone or sound of their voice?  Do you find their voice soothing, calming, or like the sound of someone scratching a blackboard?
  • How much personalization and input will the minister allow from you and your fiance’?  Will he or she say no to a relative singing a special song, or to you writing your own vows?
  • How much experience with weddings does this officiant have?  Ask them to give you some past client references.
  • Does the officiant offer or require a couple’s marriage counseling?  Some do, and some don’t, but it’s a good thing to know.
  • Will the minister attend the wedding rehearsal?  This is important, however, remember that the officiant often does so in addition to spending many hours preparing for your wedding.  Remember to make a donation (gratuity) in addition to the minister’s regular fee, which is typically not very expensive in the first place, especially considering the amount of time that he or she does spend on each couple’s wedding ceremony preparation.

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