Ideas For The Celebration Of Your Marriage Anniversary: Top 10 Things You Should Do On Your Wedding Party (2023)

There are many different options for anniversary favours. You have a wide variety of options to choose from whether you are celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary and in need of silver anniversary favours or your 50th wedding anniversary and in need of gold anniversary treats.

Ideas for Presents to Give on the Silver Anniversary

Silver anniversary favours are the more common choice of the two, particularly given the high incidence of divorce that occurs before to the 50th anniversary of a marriage. Even a 25-year anniversary is celebrated far less often than it used to be.

However, silver anniversaries are celebrated rather often, and anniversary favour ideas are required for each and every one of these celebrations.

When you start searching for ideas for favours to give out at a 25th wedding anniversary party, you will discover numerous, such as the ones that are listed below.

  1. Elegant Silver Wedding Frame Anniversary Gifts: The custom of giving picture frames as wedding favours has a long and storied history. They are also available in a wide range of sizes, forms, and pricing points. An inexpensive suggestion for an anniversary favour would be silver wedding frame favours, which can be purchased for less than one dollar apiece. This would be an appropriate choice if your celebration will have one hundred or more attendees.
  2. Anniversary Favors Made of Silver Coasters Silver coasters are an additional concept for anniversary favours that are suitable for the 25th anniversary ceremony. Any anniversary gift that has been engraved is extra special. Coasters are unique and functional at the same time.
  3. Silver Candle Holders as Anniversary Favors: Continue the silver anniversary motif by giving each guest a candle holder to commemorate the occasion. The elegance of larger candle holders placed in a centrepiece may be echoed by using little candle holders. Tea lights, votive candles, or even taper candles might fit inside of these anniversary treats.
  4. Silver Mint Tin Anniversary Favors One of the anniversary favour ideas that I personally like is giving guests little silver mint tins. These are useful anniversary favours that your guests may easily tuck away in their pockets or handbags to take home with them. For the reception, stuff them with mints of various sizes. You have the option of leaving them simple or engraving them with the couple’s names and the date of their anniversary.
  5. Ideas for Creating One-of-a-Kind Treats to Celebrate Your Silver Anniversary If you’re crafty, you may make one-of-a-kind anniversary favours to celebrate the event. A little silver anniversary CD will stand out from the favours given to other couples celebrating their milestone anniversary. Iris bulbs, together with a letter informing visitors that the iris is the anniversary bloom for the 25th year, will also be given out.

Golden Anniversary Favor Ideas

In spite of the fact that golden anniversaries themselves were formerly more popular, golden anniversary treats are becoming more uncommon in the United States. People nowadays are filled with awe and admiration for couples who have been together for half a century.

You will have less options to select from if you are searching for golden anniversary favour ideas; however, you still have a number of anniversary favour ideas from which to choose and choose. You are welcome to make use of conventional wedding favours if you are able to print, etch, or engrave them in gold. These are some instances that may be of use.

  1. Glass Candle Holder Anniversary Favors Clear or frosted glass votive candle holders may be printed with a pattern such as gold bells or hearts, and two or three lines of text in gold. These candle holders can be given as favours to guests attending an anniversary celebration. Include the names, the date of the wedding, and the date of the anniversary. Include a votive candle in white.
  2. Coaster Anniversary Favors: Out of all the ideas for anniversary favours that may be given for a golden anniversary, these may end up being the most well received. Coasters made of paper may have gold writing printed on them for a low cost. Coasters with a gold tone finish may be acquired for a low price. Gold printing is available for use on glass coasters.
  3. Golden Anniversary Favors in the Form of Pillar Candles A lovely white pillar candle may be adorned with a ribbon made of gold foil to create a simple but exquisite gift for guests to take home.
  4. Personalized Wedding Favor Boxes One quick and easy way to create anniversary treats is to purchase a supply of wedding favour boxes or tiny bags and then personalise them. These might be white boxes with a gold imprint, or they can have a gold tone overall. Stuff with candy or another tasty treat.
  5. Creative Ideas for Golden Anniversary Treats Similar to how one may make one-of-a-kind anniversary favours for the silver wedding anniversary, an inventive individual could also make one for the golden wedding anniversary. A tiny CD commemorating the occasion that is burnt onto a gold tone disc will be one of a kind. Burn the images you’ve had for a lifetime or the music from your wedding day. It’s pleasant to get packets of flower seed, particularly if the plants that grow from those seeds will blossom in golden tones. You may also gift your guests a tiny African violet or a package of seeds to grow their own violets, along with a letter explaining that the flower associated with a 50th wedding anniversary is a violet.

The finest ideas for anniversary party favours are ones that convey the affection shared by the particular couple in honour of whom the celebration is being hosted. Consider them in this light. Consider the life they’ve built together. If there is anything that sticks out, you might employ that concept for anniversary favours.

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