Make Speech For Your Wife: Ultimate Check List Of Free Best Man Speeches For Your Wedding In 2022

Free best man speech, a starting in the new life as a family a way of finding the eternal happiness in a world of changes.

Every wedding toasts, should be associated to wedding speeches but those are important only if those who say them are honest so never forget that I say this now here because my heart is and it always be close to the bride and groom
With this marriage a new step in life is made and a goal is achieved, so let the journey begins.

Following the greatest destiny of human kind in a permanent pursuit of true love that is beyond anything and anybody, we finally decide that perfection is only a dream generally speaking, but a true fact when we are referring to the one we love. Sometimes I ask myself if love really exists but we I look around and I see the smiles of kids and do realize that we all have a half soul and finding it, is the true challenge of life. Is not important to make money or to spend money, to travel or to explore the wonders of world if you are doing it alone because the way to heavens can’t be touched alone in a world of temptations and incertitude. Only heart has the power to choose before mind, to say yes or no, I do or I don’t and because any island of happiness is surrounded by high mountains peaks, love is surrounded with incertitude. But when I look at the bride and groom, I see that only true love exists, in a pure form, a ray of light born in the first day of holy world, when night was separated by day, and a fragment of that initial light was lost somewhere in their souls. My friend we gathered here to see how love exists, and I’m glad to see that it does.

A true love story is now reality just because they were able to find each other, in a world where the only constant thing is the change itself. The bride is a star that has fallen out from the skies because she was more beautiful than any angel and she was sent on the earth because of the envy of the others angels, and the groom is the knight in shiny armor sent to protect her in this dangerous world where any thing can be transformed into a menace. They have found their soul mates and are now ready to start a new journey together like a family in order to overcome all the issues and problems of daily life. One for all and all for one fighting with destiny to obtain the greatest gift called happiness. Will they succeed? Where is love is anything and together nothing is impossible, because love is grater than anything in this world of illusions. Together for a lifetime they will find themselves and one each other, they will learn what honor and respect are, and god al mighty will take care of their life. Now raise the glass and say after my:

I’ll live my life, I’ll love my God, I’ll be with you forever here in your heart so love yourself and love the other because we are human all each other, so find yourself and find the love, I wish you all to have a life full of dreams and to survive forever.

Long live the bride and groom, long live their marriage, like a house made of stone, like a true love made of pure feelings in a world of change only love remains the same. Long live my friends.


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