Remember Your Big Day: Here Are Some Tips How You Can Celebrate Your Anniversary? (2022)

The day of wedding that was awaited since long is gone. The couple has joined millions of other couples in the dull existence of life. A routine life with nothing exciting. Instead of flowers and love notes, they talk more of budgets, pipe leaks and groceries. That is life.

The dreams are long over and one is facing the reality of life. The fairy tale romance is lost and day-to-day drudgery has taken its place. What a tragedy, but that is life. With arrival of children, the couple many a times forgets about its own existence and worries more about the way the child is growing up, the issues related to children’s physical, mental and all-round growth and so on. Where is the place for the romance that they shared sometime ago? That is life.

Our hero who at one time admired his heroine’s hair, gets irritated by looking at the strands fallen around in the bathroom. Our heroine who was so enamored by our hero’s strength, now wants him to get up on the ladder and fix the loose fittings. The quality that one admired once remains same, but the viewpoint changes. Life takes a turn that no one expected. Those who read romantic novels, always find written at the end – And they lived happily ever after. The novelist is very intelligent. How to talk of silly chores in a romantic novel? So the novel closes at the right spot. But, we readers forget that life must have been very difficult for our valiant couple of the novel. We would never like to know about the fights that would ensue between our hero and heroine about unpaid bills after they got married. That is life.

What does one write in the message for congratulating a couple on their wedding anniversary? Please help the couple bring the romance back in their life with your message. Life will no doubt continue with the same dull days and tense nights. The problems will not go away. But why forget the romance that the couple shared once? That romance brought them together at the first place. Why not help them revive the memories, and begin another phase of romancing with greater passion? Please send your anniversary messages that rekindle the dying romance. Let love conquer all.


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