Speech for Father of the Bride Examples

If you have been looking for a fantastic template for the father of the bride speech as of late, your quest may now come to an end because you have just discovered it. In this article, we plan to give a fresh and original father-of-the-bride speech template that you will actually be able to apply in your situation. Pay close attention to the specifics, and feel free to make any modifications to this prepared speech that you believe will make it more appropriate for your daughter and your family.

Speech for Father of the Bride Examples

“Dear guests who are here,

I am ready to say the most boring things you’ve ever heard in your lives. I am joking – I wanted to say that I thank you for being here, thank you for your time and for your financial efforts to honor us with your presence because our families are truly and deeply honored for having all of you gathered here for the marriage of Brianna and Graham.

I know Brianna is just 19 years old and some of you now think it is too early for her to marry Graham. Yes, Graham is also very young, he is only 21 years old but trust me – as a father I know they are both ready and up for this!

These kids met 6 months ago, but their connection was more than special. As a father, as a grown up man, I have never seen such a deep level of respect, understanding, supporting each other, ever before. Brianna didn’t jump into having a sexual relationship with Graham, but Graham still loved her and still loves her until this very day. I am so honored to see that not every relationship is based on perversion, I am honored to see that there are relationships that are based on true love between two people. It’s so beautiful to know that real values still exist nowadays, I am honored to have Brianna respect real values.

So, how do I know that Brianna and Graham were made for each other? They have been put under tests, without realizing, naturally. Brianna once had a party where Graham wasn’t present and a lot of attractive young men were there. Although at least 15 of them tried to hit on Brianna, she didn’t want to flirt with any of them. I wasn’t even there to stop her! She came to me, telling me how disgusting boys are, because they know she is with Graham and they still try to steal her from him.

Graham also had a similar situation, when Brianna’s best friends put him to the test, without him knowing. They gathered 2 very attractive girls and sent them over to Graham when he was with his buddies out for a boy’s night. Although these girls were as tempting as possible, as sexually appealing as possible, Graham didn’t look at them that way and he wasn’t even impressed with their presence. You know that girls talk about everything – so Brianna found out and she was shocked and instantly started crying out of happiness.

Also, Brianna had put Graham into the biggest test a man can have. She told him something like: okay, I want to get married when I will be 25 and I want no sex until then, no matter what happens. Graham’s answer was impressive, he said that no matter what happens, no matter how long the waiting, he will wait because for Brianna he will do everything!

My son, dear Graham, I love you and I thank you for supporting my daughter, for loving her for who she really is. I am happy for your marriage, more than my words could ever say!

I thank you all for being here, I also thank you all for your help, no matter how much you helped, even if it was only holding the door for a person, thank you for that!

I propose a toast to the newlyweds and their happiness!”

Wedding Speech Presentation Tips for the Bride’s Father

Pay attention to these pointers and modify them so that they fit your circumstances; use your imagination and intuition to determine how you may put these pointers to use in your own situation. The reason for this is that both the visitors and the wedding couple are likely to be unique to one another. Their personalities do have a significant impact on the degree to which particular aspects will succeed while others will be unsuccessful.

  • Follow the typical wedding speech structure

There have been many fathers in this world who have attempted to play the role of wise guys. They believed it was going to work, but in the end, the only thing they got out of it was a degree of contempt from the family members and visitors who attended the wedding for being impolite or for not showing any respect to the newlyweds. To put it more simply, any speech given by the father of the bride should follow the format described above.

  1. Introductory part
  2. Talking about the bride
  3. Talking about the groom and the couple
  4. Thanking everyone for their involvement and help
  5. Quote or personal motivational text (not mandatory, but indicated)
  6. Toast proposal

You probably believe that you are aware of this fact; nonetheless, it is not only important to be aware of it but also to keep it and respect it. It is not only for your own benefit but also for the benefit of anybody and everyone who attended the wedding ceremony.

It is imperative that we do not overlook the fact that these components have a great degree of adaptability. You are free, for instance, to tell jokes during any portion of your speech. You can incorporate additional parts in your speech in addition to jokes if you feel that including some additional parts would make your speech more effective.

  • Watch your hands

Absolutely, you ought to be careful about what you touch and how you touch it. I was joking; touching is not the only relevant factor here. In all honesty, the most important consideration is the movement of your hands when you are delivering the presentation. People will be able to get a sense of how you feel about things, how calm you are, and how serious you are about the things you are saying based on how you use your hands.

The components of body language are the unwritten standards that must be observed, despite the fact that many individuals do not place high importance on these aspects. This occurs due to the fact that people are naturally created to communicate through their body language. Not only does body language play an important role in public speeches, but it also plays a role in regular talks, and we frequently understand certain things thanks to the signals it sends.

Successful public speakers are aware of the significance of the hand positions they use during their presentations. You should study some publications regarding how body language may express things that you wanted to express or even things that you wouldn’t even want to express. I would recommend that you do this.

  • Don’t exaggerate with things

A wonderful speech given by the father of the bride will know how to avoid becoming overly dramatic. This has a significant impact. Never make more jokes than usual, and never speak more than usual, either. People aren’t going to come out and tell you that they disapprove of what you’re doing because they want to be polite, but even if they don’t, they’re still going to hold on to their thoughts and judgments nonetheless. You probably want to steer clear of these predicaments as much as you possibly can, don’t you?

You should also strive to strike a healthy balance in your delivery, alternating between being highly emotive and quite serious. Wedding speeches that are truly uncreative are those that are overflowing with sentiment and in which nothing is taken seriously (it’s all about the speaker). But inventiveness is not the only factor at play here. It’s about being balanced and having a decent measure of every element – never too much, but never too less!

If you are able to apply the advice that was given to you above, you will have a wonderful experience giving your presentation. You can, of course, make use of other things that you have seen, or you can – why not? – come up with your own ideas and conclusions based on these notions. Experiment with your thoughts, and push the limits of your creative potential!

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