Ultimate Guide For Burgundy Wedding Organizer : Best Tips How To Plan A Marriage Ceremony In Hurricane Season (2022)

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The summer months are some of the most popular times of the year for weddings with so many couples now looking at tropical destinations to hold their event. Aruba, the Bahamas, and Florida are favored wedding spots, with the latter two being among the most prized. Unfortunately, both locations fall smack dab in the middle of hurricane territory thereby increasing the risks that wedding plans could be cancelled in the event a storm hits. Are you considering a tropical wedding? If so, don’t let your choice of venue ruin your day; instead consider taking some important measures to ensure that your wedding plans go forward no matter what the weather conditions may be.

Before you make plans to hold your wedding far from home, especially in an area prone to hurricane activity, there are some things you must consider first:

Location Is Everything. White sugar sand beaches are an attractive and unforgettable place to hold a tropical wedding. Just before sunset you and your betrothed meet together with your guests to exchange vows as the fiery red sun slowly sets to the west. A calm cooling breeze and the whiff of pure ocean air delights you and your wedding party who are enthralled at your choice of setting. Afterwards, you move indoors or over to a nearby outdoor pavilion for a celebration lasting into the early hours of the morning.

That gentle breeze can quickly turn into a gale as the storm clouds roll in and as the surf kicks up. Soon, your outdoor wedding plans are threatened. If you are resolute on holding your wedding during hurricane season, your entire event could be cancelled especially if it is held in an evacuation zone. These evacuation zones, which include the beach and surrounding areas, are always the first to close up when a big storm threatens and the last to re-open when everything calms down. Can you afford the delay? Will your facility even be standing when you return?

Preparation is the Key. Even if your venue is not evacuated, do they have a back up generator on hand should you lose power? Will each of your vendors stick around or will they head out at the first sign of trouble? Remember, their minds could be focused on securing their personal belongings and ensuring the safety of family members first. Who could blame them? However, it is important for you to know if things can continue on as planned despite the adverse weather conditions.

Contingency Plans are Necessary. Out of town guests may have trouble arriving if airports are shut down, roads close, and hotels fill up with people fleeing the impacted area. Fort Lauderdale could be the target, but your Pensacola Beach wedding plans may still be threatened if the area is flooded with evacuees. Make certain that your guests are protected financially in the event that your wedding plans are cancelled or moved elsewhere. Encourage everyone to purchase travel insurance to cover the worst case scenarios.

Of course, by now you may be rethinking your idea of a Florida wedding altogether. Likely, some of the other destinations are appealing, but they could be too pricey in comparison. However, if you choose to get married in Florida during the January to April time period, the chances of an out-of-season hurricane marring your plans are virtually nil. Besides, you and your guests may appreciate the off season get-a-way especially after enduring a long, cold winter!


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