Vilnius : An Amazing City Where You Can Enjoy Your Bachelor Party (2022)

This is Where I Ate a Thigh of Roe Deer and washed it Down with Acorn Coffee!

The east is the place to go to eat if you’ve ever dreamed of savouring the gastronomic joys of beaver, cow’s tongue, or smoked hog’s ear, as almost everyone has at some point in their lives. In Vilnius, they have an unique beer that is derived from both malt and peas, and a classic cup of coffee is customarily produced with crushed acorns. Both of these beverages can be found around the city. There are many things to appreciate about traditional Lithuanian cuisine, not the least of which is the fact that it was practically designed with “hangover treatment” in mind. Imagine you’ve had a major night out on the town and you wake up feeling so hungry that you’re tempted to bite your big toe off. Your stomach has that old time vat of acid sensation, and you’re fantasising of a greasy fry-up. At this point, Cepelinai is going to step up to the plate. As “a Zeppelin-shaped parcel of potato dough” filled with meat and covered in a sauce of onions, cream, butter, and bacon bits (and bacon bits, magic words in anyone’s language), Cepelinai hits the spot to reline the stomach and imbue the consumer with a warm inner glow of nothing short of pure satisfaction. This dish was described by a well-respected food writer as “a Zeppelin-shaped parcel of potato dough.” Almost spiritual. Because it is so decadent, so creamy, so oniony, so meaty, so bacony, and yet so straightforward in its pleasure, it will make you want to buy the Tesco “Five a day” and moon the living daylights out of Gordon Ramsay and that bloody Gillian “you are what you eat” chick. Try some of it. I adore it. Transform into a new guy.

And This is Where I Drank this Random Honey Stuff

What exactly are you looking forward to? Get engaged. The fact that you are in possession of a foolproof remedy for a hangover removes whatever justification you may have had for declining the divinely given nectar that is Lithuania’s Special Honey Mead Balsam. The position is not open to amateurs. There are primarily two kinds: Suktinis, which have a proof of 50%, and Zalgaris, which have a proof that is an astounding 75%. Seventy-five. You might, however, just as well stick to the enormous diversity of boutique beers from the neighbouring brewers. The greatest of these beers are the pale bronze lagers created from both malt and peas; a delicious drop by the name of “Sirvenos” is a good place to start. There are also a great deal of dark lagers that have a deep reddish brown colour and have overtones of sherry and whiskey.

Vilnius is Baltic So Will I Freeze My [email protected]$$s Off?

Maybe. But this is not always the case. In the same way as in the UK, January is the month with the coldest average low temperature, which may drop as low as -9C. The record low temperature in Vilnius is -30 degrees Celsius, but it was so long ago that almost no one remembers it. The record high temperature for Vilnius is a warm 35 degrees Celsius. But in general, from April through October, Vilnius has a temperate climate that is chilly without being freezing and pleasant without being oppressively hot.

The average temperature in January is -2 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures averaging 19 degrees Celsius in July

Weird But Cool Lithuanian Facts:

The Lithuanian national basketball team, which shot to popularity in the early 1990s after winning the bronze medal at the Barcelona Olympics, is backed by none other than the American psychedelic music band known as “The Grateful Dead.” This is a decision that can only be defined as unusual. In the official team photographs, the athletes are seen wearing tie-dyed shorts in a variety of eye-catching colour combinations, including lime green, magenta, and acid pink. Dude.

The television sculpture that is the biggest in the world may be found in Lithuania. A little under three thousand individual televisions were used in the production of the piece named “LNK Infotree” by the artist Gintaras Karosas.
Antanas Kontrimas, a man/beast from Lithuania, is credited with setting the Guinness World Record for the largest weight carried by a human beard. According to reports, Kontrimas hadn’t shaven in over a quarter of a century. On September 11, 2004, while using just his whiskers, Kontrimas successfully lifted a lady weighing 136 pounds. In the past, Kontrimas has been responsible for transporting a bag of grain, a TV host, and an entire keg of home-brewed beer. Ladies, get in line.

So How Do I Organise All the Travelly Details Without Screwing Up?

Easy. Chillisauce is the name of a firm located in London that employs individuals who take great pleasure in customising stag group packages to a variety of places, including Vilnius. Chillisauce also provides services to a number of other cities. They will make all of the calls, make all of the reservations, and then come up with ideas that are unique to you and your group of friends. Simply showing up is all that is required of you in order to enjoy the most kickass time possible.


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