Vintage Theme Wedding Decoration Ideas

Grease is the Word – Give Your Venue a Vintage Make-Over.

How do you make the location of your wedding appear as if it has been transported back in time?

We spoke to Sophie McGovern, who is obsessed with the ’50s and spends her time writing, editing, and making up tales in her spare time. When she’s not off seeing the world, you can find her relaxing on a houseboat in the Bath area, watching old movies with her cat, Danny!:)

There are some wonderful insights and ideas — thanks, Sophie!

Was it the drainpipe pants, the quiff, or the cheeky dimple that made an impression? It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment, but I think it was the day I watched Grease that I really fell in love with Danny Zuko and everything about the 1950s. I even coughed up the idea of naming my cat after him; you see, he has a tiny quiff of his own. Anyway…since you’re reading this blog, I’m going to assume that you share my love of the 1950s in general, even if you don’t understand what the deal is with Zuko. As a result, I had the idea to talk to you about some of the ways in which you might give your wedding decorations and reception a feel of the 1950s. The correct word is “grease.”

The Food

A theme based on a 1950s restaurant is the most authentic approach to bringing the coolness of Grease to your wedding. Consider apple pie, milkshakes, tiny burgers, and ice cream sundaes as some examples. Additionally, this provides a wonderful decorative motif that you are free to experiment with. At the reception, glass jars filled with fruit that has been preserved in syrup, ice cream sprinkles, and ketchup and mustard containers designed in the manner of the 1950s would look fantastic when placed on checkered or polka dot tablecloths. Sweets from the 1950s, such as blackjacks, sherbet fountains, and treacle toffee, are ideal for use as party favors, and menus designed in the manner of the 1950s may also be used to store information about the program. Yum!

Juke Box

You are probably going to hire a band with a 1950s theme since you want them to dress the part and perform all the old standards. To get everyone in the mood before the band starts playing and to keep the party going while the band is taking a break, another fantastic option is to rent a jukebox with a selection of songs from the 1950s. This will give your visitors something interesting to speak about, and your grandmother will enjoy rediscovering some of her old favorites. Put a coin in the center of each place setting so that everyone may choose their own tune.

Dressing-Up Box

There is no question that the majority of your guests will have adhered to the 1950s theme with their attire; but, for those who haven’t or for those who just can’t get enough of the decade’s fashion, providing a dress-up box will be a lot of fun. To complete the look, you may accessorize with items such as curlers, cat’s eye spectacles, quiff wigs, pink lady coats, faux rockabilly tattoos, and 50s scarves. This will also keep any children who are attending the wedding amused, so feel free to bring them along. An interesting aesthetic that can also be used to record the moments is to hang a variety of cameras from the 1950s all over the box. When you develop the film, you will be in for a lot of chuckles, and the photographs will be perfect for using on thank-you cards.


Making your own bunting is great fun and easy way to add some 1950s flare to the reception area of your wedding (or get your mum to make it for you). Select textiles from the 1950s that go with the color scheme you’ve chosen, and then get to work designing. Typical decorations from the 1950s include paper streamers and handcrafted items. Also, if you don’t have the time to create these things yourself, you can definitely go out and purchase them!

Vintage lottery tokens or movie theater tickets

“A terrific suggestion for a wedding with a 1950s theme is to incorporate styling elements that are cinematically inspired. This will help embody the golden age decade.” You have the option of having the invites fashioned to resemble vintage lottery tokens or movie theater tickets. They will keep your guests waiting excitedly so that they can celebrate your wedding on the big screen.


A fun-filled day at the movies can be created with the help of favors such as jars of candies or bags of salted popcorn. It is simple to make these at home for a touch of do-it-yourself ingenuity; use old jam jars and fill them with baked delicacies for the highest level of entertainment value.

Polka dot

The addition of some 1950s flair to your special day can be accomplished in a simple and entertaining manner by using polka dot wedding décor. It’s a versatile motif that can go as far as you want it to go, whether it’s spotty bunting wrapped around your wedding venue and tables or dotty dessert bowls filled with fresh English fruits for your guests.

After the ceremony, I’m curious to know whether any of you lovely women have ditched their wedding dress in favor of a pair of black Lycra leggings and a revealing top. Going a little too far with the grease on them?

What are some of the most important things to keep in mind while designing a quirky vintage decor?

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