Want To Get An Inexpensive Substitute For The Elegant Ensembles String Quartet? Here Is Some Advice To Know How Can You Do It? (2022)

Live wedding music can be expensive for couples on a budget. However, we found secrets to help keep the music flowing, costs low and without DJs.

“Generally, the more musicians and the more hours, the larger the cost,” Chandler Judkins, President of Las Vegas Wedding Music, said. Las Vegas Wedding Music is the number one musician contracting company in Las Vegas. “Many options are available to keep costs low if you work with a flexible musician contractor.”

1. Ask for deals

Many wedding music contractors have specials for those who can’t afford the big band of their dreams or even a small string quartet.

For example, Las Vegas Wedding Music offers a string quartet for ceremony music in Las Vegas for around $500 if the quartet is used for the ceremony only.

String quartets usually charge by the hour and have a two hour minimum which could easily start at $800.

Sometimes wedding music contractors are also the musicians in some of their own bands, so they have discounts to use the bands that they themselves play in.

Chandler Judkins of Las Vegas Wedding Music plays the trumpet in many of his wedding music groups, so a jazz quartet actually costs less than a string quartet but sounds just as beautiful.

When in doubt, as the wedding music contractor. You never know what they might offer.

2. Get a Trio

If a string quartet, jazz quartet or any other wedding band seems just out of your reach budget wise, hire one less musician. Get a string trio or a jazz trio instead of a string quartet or jazz quartet. It is still better than hiring a DJ and sounds beautiful.

If a string trio or jazz trio is still out of your budget, duos can also be a beautiful touch. Sometimes simple is better anyway.

“Make sure you check with your wedding planner about duos though,” Judkins said. “Sometimes they have contracts with string quartets that disallow them to cut players.”

This is one reason why Judkins encourages brides and grooms to find a musician contractor to handle their music verses a wedding planner.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Judkins said. “Wedding planners are great. But they have their degree in wedding planning, whereas, we wedding musician contractors have our degree in music.”

3. Maximize Your Time

If a couple’s wedding reception plans consist of six hours of cocktails, then five hours of dancing, this can pose a problem if a couple doesn’t have a deep wallet.

“When planning your wedding music, decide when the most people will be there and paying attention to the atmosphere,” Judkins said. “You may only have a couple hours of live music, but it will make those hours the most unforgettable part of your wedding day … to you and your guests.”

To see examples of wedding bands and possible musician options, go to http://www.lvweddingmusic.com.


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