Want To Get An Inexpensive Substitute For The Elegant Ensembles String Quartet? Here Is Some Advice To Know How Can You Do It? (2022)

Live wedding music might be too costly for financially constrained couples. On the other hand, we discovered certain tricks that let us keep the music going while keeping the prices down and without using DJs.

According to Chandler Judkins, President of Las Vegas Wedding Music, “In general, the cost will increase proportionately with the number of musicians and the number of hours.” It is safe to say that Las Vegas Wedding Music is the most reputable music agency in the city of Las Vegas. If you deal with a musician contractor that is flexible, you will have several alternatives to choose from in order to keep your prices low.

1. Ask for bargains

A lot of companies that provide wedding music offer deals for those who can’t afford even a small string quartet or a large band like they’ve always dreamed of having at their wedding.

For instance, Las Vegas Wedding Music provides string quartets at ceremonies in Las Vegas during a price of around $500 per quartet, provided that the quartet is only utilised for the ceremony.

String quartets often have a two-hour minimum and charge on an hourly basis, with an hourly rate that may easily start at $800.

Sometimes the musicians who work for wedding music contractors are also the musicians who play in some of the bands that the wedding music contractor owns, and this allows the wedding music contractor to get discounts when using the bands in which they themselves perform.

Because Las Vegas Wedding Music’s Chandler Judkins plays the trumpet in many of his wedding music ensembles, a jazz quartet is really more affordable than a string quartet but sounds just as lovely.

In times of uncertainty, consult the wedding music contractor. You can never be sure what they will provide you with.

2. Get yourself a trio.

Hire one less musician if it seems that a string quartet, jazz quartet, or any other kind of wedding band is going to be just beyond your financial means. Instead of getting a string quartet or jazz quartet, consider getting a string trio or jazz trio. It is still less expensive than hiring a DJ, and the sound quality is excellent.

In the event that a string trio or jazz trio is still beyond your financial means, duos are another option that may add a lovely touch. Even in complex situations, simplicity often reigns supreme.

However, Judkins said that before to making any decisions about duos, you should consult with your wedding coordinator. “Sometimes they have contracts with string quartets that forbid them from cutting musicians,” the speaker said.

This is one of the reasons why Judkins recommends to future spouses that they hire a musician contractor rather than a wedding planner to take care of their wedding music needs.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Judkins remarked. “Wedding planners are a wonderful investment. However, they have a degree in wedding planning, whereas the wedding musician contractors that we use has degrees in music.

3. Maximize Your Time

If a couple doesn’t have a lot of money in the bank, having their wedding reception consist of six hours of drinks followed by five hours of dance at their reception venue might be problematic for them.

According to Judkins, “when choosing the music for your wedding, you should select when the most people will be present and pay attention to the environment.” “Even if you just have live music for a few of hours, it will turn those hours into the most memorable portion of your wedding day, both for you and for your guests,” the wedding planner said.

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