Wedding Anniversary Party Planning Tips

Planning a party to celebrate a wedding anniversary takes a lot of effort and, if you are disorganized, may be a source of significant stress. This ought to be a very enjoyable occasion! Follow the advice that is provided below to make the process of preparing a wedding anniversary party as stress-free as is humanly possible. This is true whether you are planning the party for yourself or for a couple that you care about.

Have a Budget

You need to have a financial plan in place before you can even consider making a choice regarding the anniversary party. Everything, from the location to the food, will be decided based on the available funds. Beginning the process of booking vendors before you have developed a financial plan is one of the most efficient ways to quickly get into difficulty.

After you have determined how much money you are able to spend on the whole event, you will need to divide up that money and allocate a certain amount to the various aspects of the wedding anniversary party that you are arranging. You might, for instance, allot thirty percent of the budget to the cuisine, ten percent to the music, ten percent to the photographer, ten percent to the decorations, etc.

Because your party expenditures will be broken down in this manner, the likelihood of you going over budget in any one category will be significantly reduced. This will assist you in maintaining your composure during the entirety of the celebration.

Get Help

When arranging a party to celebrate their wedding anniversary, many people make the critical error of attempting to organize everything on their own. Even a party with a moderate number of guests will require considerably more preparation and organization than a single person can handle. Instead, establish a celebration “committee” consisting of a few members of the couple’s family as well as some of their closest friends.

Don’t be scared to hand over certain responsibilities to other people. It is imperative that you maintain a bird’s eye view of the party planning process to ensure that everything is completed successfully; however, this does not mean that you are responsible for carrying out each and every task personally.

Wedding Anniversary Party Games

Games are not required to be played at an anniversary party; however, wedding anniversary party games can add a dash of fun and whimsy to the occasion. It may be difficult to think of activities that are both fun and appropriate for a wedding anniversary party, but the following five ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing in the right direction.

  • Take a Guess at the Year

This game is a good option for the married pair if they have been together for at least ten years. Gather together a number of images that each represent a different year of the couple’s marriage to create a photo album. Put the copies of the photographs on the board, and then number each one. You should not use the originals since you do not want them to get damaged in any way.

The guests are going to have to speculate as to what year each photograph was taken. The winner will be the visitor who gets the most questions correct. Because you don’t want to offer the other people playing the game any hints, you need be sure not to arrange the images in chronological sequence.

  • Trivia about the Wedding

Wedding trivia is another enjoyable game to play at a celebration celebrating a wedding anniversary. You are going to need to gather as much information as you can concerning the wedding of the honored couple. After that, you can utilize the information to construct questions for a trivia game. Here are several examples:

  • How many maids of honor were in attendance at the wedding?
  • Who was the most distinguished guest?
  • What shade did the bride’s attendants choose to wear?
  • How long was the train that was behind the bride?

While at the same time providing the guests with an opportunity to win a reward, this is an amusing method to reflect on the wedding.

  • In the Good Old Days

Make it a point for all of the guests to know the year that the couple got married by having them play a game in which they have to answer questions about the year. Sample questions are below:

  • Estimated cost of one gallon of milk
  • Which film was awarded the Academy Award?
    Who served as the Chief Executive?
    What was the total price of the flight from coast to coast?

On the internet, one can find the solution to such queries in a short amount of time and with little effort. This is a beautiful game for a married pair who has been together for at least 20 years, since guests of all ages will enjoy taking a look back through this game. It is also a great game for a couple that has been married for at least 40 years.

  • Dance Contest

Think of holding a dancing competition at your party if you are planning on having a band or a DJ there. A competition of this nature need not consume a significant amount of time. It can be as brief as a single song if necessary. Give your guests the opportunity to show off their abilities, and then hand out awards to the contest winners in a variety of categories, such as “best form,” “most unique dance moves,” and “best effort.”

This is an excellent method to enliven the party and get a good number of the visitors involved in the activities.

  • Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Match Game

Individuals are generally aware that there is a list of traditional gifts to be given on wedding anniversaries; however, how many people could correctly match each item on the list to the correct item that corresponds to the year? Discover the answer with this difficult game for the anniversary of the wedding. This is an excellent option for a game that people can play while seated, making it possible for everybody to take part even if they do not feel like getting up and getting down on the dance floor.

To reiterate, wedding anniversary party games are not required for the celebration of any anniversary; yet, they are a welcome and enjoyable addition.

The party planning binder

The party planning binder is one of the most useful things you can acquire for the purpose of wedding anniversary celebration preparation. Simply put, this is a binder that you put together by utilizing standard tabs. The binder will contain each and every piece of information pertaining to the organizing of the celebration. You will require the following items to set up the binder:

  • ring binder of 2 or 3 inches
  • Tabs
  • 3-hole punch 3-hole zip pouches
  • Pocket folders

When you start arranging the party for your wedding anniversary, you will include the name of every vendor, contracts, receipts, and any other relevant information into the binder. Make use of the zip pouches to store little bits of paper and documents such as receipts and business cards.

If you have a party planning binder, you will never have to waste time searching for a phone number, a receipt, or any other piece of information that is related to the party planning process. Everything will be in a single location. Bring the binder with you to every party-related meeting as well as appointments you have.

The most important things to keep in mind while preparing a party to celebrate a wedding anniversary are to ask for assistance and to try to maintain as much organization as possible. If you accomplish those two things, you will discover that arranging an anniversary celebration is enjoyable and exciting, rather than annoying and stressful. This is because fun and excitement are the two things that are most likely to occur.

In addition to this, it will assist to ensure that the party will live up to all of your expectations and play out just how you have seen it in your head.

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