Wedding Flower Arrangement Tips (2023)

Numerous couples across the country, including celebrities like Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, are taking advantage of the fact that the number seven is associated with good fortune and are making plans to get married on the day that is considered to be the luckiest day of the year, which is 07-07-07. The flowers that you choose for your wedding are often regarded as one of the most significant aspects of the big day, right up there with picking the correct date. Laura Milder, a designer at ProFlowers and a floral specialist, offers some advice on how to choose the most appropriate flowers for your occasion, regardless of whether you want to have an extravagant party or would rather keep things simple.

Pick your palette — It’s time to say goodbye to subdued tones and pastels since the trend for this year is big statements made with vivid hues. It is anticipated that yellows and pinks would be the most popular colours of the season for weddings to take place throughout the summer. Sunflowers, especially those that are large, bright yellow, and bold, exude warmth and tranquillity and are the ideal accessory for any outdoor wedding. Rose bouquets that are traditionally styled with daring ribbons and pearls are not only elegant but also ageless, and they make a stunning accessory for any kind of bridal dress.

Conscious of the environment – Today would be a beautiful day for an eco-friendly wedding. There is a plethora of variety to choose from in the event that you and your future spouse are conscientious about recycling and want to organise a wedding that is reflective of the environmentally conscious lifestyle that you both lead. Adding that additional “green” aspect to wedding receptions may be accomplished by making centrepieces with flowers that have been cultivated organically or with potted orchid plants. Not only can edible flowers on your wedding cake look gorgeous, but they also bring a touch of sustainability to the occasion.

Brides looking to save money — Forget the personal florist if you don’t want to spend a lot on flowers and you’re finding yourself withering under the burden of those ever-tightening financial strings. For the bride who is concerned about her wedding budget, online flower shops like ProFlowers provide a variety of fashionable options, ranging from bridal bouquets and boutonnieres to imaginative centrepieces. If you want to save money on your flower purchase, go for flowers that are currently in season rather than purchasing exotic or out-of-season blooms.

When it comes to exchanging vow-wows, man’s best friend is enjoying a new high prominence because to the recent trend of wedding tails. There has been a recent uptick in the number of individuals adding their beloved canine or feline companions in the wedding ceremony, a practise that was first popularised on the west coast. You can truly make your dog a part of the theme of your wedding by giving them a flower collar or a boutonniere to wear.

Florist shops provide a variety of various arrangements that may be customised to fit your personality, dress style, wedding venue, and season, regardless of whether your aesthetic leans more toward the modern or the classic. Get an early start on your research!

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