Wedding Name Change Options

A Woman has several options available to her once she marries. Will she take on her husbands name? Keep her maiden name? Perhaps she’ll add his last name to her own name with a hyphen separating the two. Although it seems quite confusing and complex, it really isn’t. Read up on your name change options and decide for yourself.

• If the Wife Decides to Take Her Husband’s Surname (Nancy Jones becomes Nancy Hill after she marries John Hill). This is a traditional routine embraced by couples globally. Nevertheless, many women prefer to break the tradition of adopting a mans last name, as they find it sexist. Others enjoy having their families share the same surname. If the wife decides to change her name, she must change her name on all legal documents including: drivers license, passport, utilities, and credit cards.

• Wife Decides to Hyphenate The Two Surnames (Nancy Jones becomes Nancy Jones-Hill). This option preserves the woman’s surname, while adding the husband’s last name. It’s very important that the wife always use the hyphenated name. If there are children involved, they too can adopt hyphenated names or keep their own.

• Wife Decides to Use Given Birth Name as Her Middle Name (Nancy Jones becomes Nancy Jones Hill, without any hyphenation. What’s the difference, you ask? Some people find the hyphenation awkward. This way, the maiden name is preserved, but the husbands last name can be added.

• Wife Decides to Keep Her Maiden Name (Nancy Jones remains Nancy Jones). Although this can lead people to believe you are not married, many women prefer to utilize this option. If a woman has been called “Nancy Jones,” her whole life-she may fear change and loss of her own identity. People who call Nancy Hill, unless corrected. Remind these people you are “Nancy Jones” wife of John Hill. Others think of “Mrs. Hill,” as a title and are not offended by the easily made mistake. Others still associate their name with their identity and become annoyed by the commonly made mistake.

• Wife Decides to Take Her Husband’s Name Socially, Yet Keeps Own Surname Professionally (Nancy Jones is Nancy Jones on a professional level, but when she comes home from the office, she’s Nancy Hill) This is a very popular option for a professional woman with a reputation. She can utilize the single surnames for whatever occasion. For instance, if Nancy Smith is a doctor, she will be known as Dr. Smith forever. Meanwhile, she may be known as Mrs. Hill by her children’s teachers.

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