Wedding Reception Etiquette FAQs

We are having a wedding for 80 people. Our catering facility has added a 20% gratuity to the final bill. That’s fine. The catering manager also mentioned that a tip of approximately $*.00 is expected at the end of the evening. Is this right?

Thank you for your query. I am not aware of the expenditures that you have incurred for each of the eighty persons individually. I will assume that you have previously calculated how much the 20 percent of the overall catering prices will be for each individual and that the answer is not $0.00. In that case, please let me know. Keeping all of this in mind. It is necessary for me to emphasise the fact that a gratuity and a tip for services are the exact same thing. Do you have any doubts that the facility was talking about anything other than the tax? It is standard practise to tack on a tax as well as a gratuity to the total amount that must be paid. All of this information need to be included in the contract that you have with the institution. I have high hopes that you have given the catering contract careful consideration and that you are familiar with all of the information included in the contract about the obligations that are placed on you. You will benefit much by “carefully” reading over the whole of the contract. You may wish to investigate if the $*.00 is a tip that includes the applicable tax and represents the combined total of the two amounts. I hope everything works out well for you.

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We are having an afternoon reception with no dance after the meal. We would like to do some fun activities with our guests before we leave. Do you have any ideas of things we can do with our guests to celebrate our marriage?

Here are some great entertainment options for your visitors.

1.) When a couple plays a “video montage” that is around 10-15 minutes long, many guests have said that it is their favourite part of the event. This may contain pictures from when you were a youngster, pictures from when you were engaged, and a lot of pictures of your family. The conclusion of these montages often includes live-footage “love tales,” which are being added by a growing number of filmmakers.

(2) Have someone (your designated host or hostess) send out trivia cards or printed sheets that each guest may complete out (identifying the “Top 10 Reasons for Getting Married”), or any subject you would want to have covered. Assign someone the task of reading through all of the final lists and selecting the top 10 most humorous (or romantic) reasons to be read out after the dinner at some point. Recognize and honour the victors. It would be appropriate to present the winner with a gift voucher or a gift basket as a prize. Something on the less significant side will do.

(3) Come up with trivia questions about you and your spouse, or include old images of your family and friends and have your visitors try to determine who they are; then, announce the victors and give them some little prizes.

4.) To keep the attendees entertained during the event, consider hiring a live musician or band. It is not necessary for this kind of entertainment to include dancing. Be certain that the dance floor at the reception does not have any open spaces, and that your guests do not get up to dance. If you choose the correct band, they will provide excellent aural entertainment for your guests.

5.) If you want to have an enjoyable hour of entertainment, you should hire a magician or an illusionist. Keep in mind that many of your guests will find their own entertainment in the simple act of engaging in conversation with one another, whether they have known one other for a long time or are meeting for the first time. At other times, all that is required to provide entertainment is “pleasant talks.” Good luck!

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