Wedding Rings For Men: Check Out These Amazing Burgundy Bands For Your Groom he Will Definitely Like It (2022)

Women have often gotten a one word response to the age old question “honey, so what do YOU like in a wedding ring?” The casual response has been usually a grunt, a shrug of the shoulders, or maybe a two word answer like “something gold”. All you have to do is look around the internet these days and see how far the average men’s wedding band as come to see a simple answer could go sooo many different ways.

First and foremost men aren’t usually jumping for joy to get married. It’s true. Most settle on the fact that they’re getting married to someone out of obligation and loyalty. Yes, of course love plays a huge part, but if your man isn’t into jewelry, well, he’s not going to be very discriminative in the kind of ring he wears..or will he?

Get his attention by leaving little hints around the house or apartment. Leave a piece of metal that looks like gold, or looks like aluminum. You are basically putting the thought in the back of his head to consider some kind of metal when he looks at it.

The next step is to show him how cool different wedding bands look like. The newest fad for wedding bands is Tungsten wedding bands, Titanium wedding bands, and the newish fad of using platinum (often times 2 tone) in wedding bands.

If you step into the mind of your guy, or actually ANY guy, wouldn’t you think that they’d like to wear something that was made of titanium? Absolutely. Something that appears to be indestructible or super strong (titanium) appeals to the innate little boy in every guy. The coolness factor has now been raised in the mind of your man once he starts to consider different metals AND actually cares enough to consider what type of band he’d like to wear.

Some guys are sucker for gold. You’ll usually get some kind of indication of what kind metal your man prefers by what he wears in his normal every day activities. Does he wear a necklace or any jewelry? What kind of metal are they? Does he wear a watch? Is it monocolor, two tone, or what? As I said before, you can usually tell what a man likes from what he is already wearing. But it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Keeping the rest of the marriage together now resides on both of you. You did your part with the wedding band.


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