Wedding Trends: Here Are Some Famous Trends You Must Know To Celebrate Your Marriage (2022)

Wedding favors are basically gifts or keepsakes given by the wedding couple to guests as a form of appreciation. There are many interesting wedding favors that can be presented in myriad ways so that all those involved always carry fond memories of the occasion. Personalizing the wedding favors adds a touch of intimacy to the special occasion and further strengthens the relationship between the wedding couple and the guests.

Candy, chocolates, cakes, and other edible items are easy to personalize and are always well-received by guests. They lend themselves to several modes of packaging and presentation and gel well with many themes. Candy can be presented in wrappers that have been personalized and carry the couple’s names and wedding details. Bubblegum bride and groom statuettes are another idea. Chocolates are popular wedding favor gifts as they can be sculptured into a variety of shapes and sizes; they are almost universally liked and are thus a safe choice as well. Chocolates shaped as flowers, mini-hearts, keys, or purses can be packaged in personalized wrappers.

Other customized items are growing in popularity as well. Personalized photo albums are available in a range of designs and are a sophisticated memento with utilitarian value for the guests. The same is true for bath and soap wedding favors that include soaps, bath confetti, and bath salts. The favors can be presented in a personalized package or the favors themselves can be personalized. Personalized tags that can be attached to wedding favors add charm to personalized gifts. They are available in a range of design and color combinations.

As themed weddings continue to enjoy popularity, so do wedding favors that complement the theme for the wedding increase the sense of romance associated with the occasion. Wedding themes can be inspired from animals, flowers, history, hobbies, culture, and seasons. They can also be celestial, romantic, or sporty. A celestial theme, for example, could have the bridesmaids dressing up as angels. Angel ornaments, angel-shaped sugar cookies and chocolate cherubs would be ideal favors for this theme. Irish wedding rings such as Spirals, Triskeles, and Shield Knots are popular favors for weddings that have an Irish theme. The rings can be presented in personalized boxes. Smooth beach pebbles that can be used as paperweights and conches are wedding favors that go well with a beach or seaside themed wedding.

Finally, wedding cameras continue to be popular at weddings because these cameras placed on the guests’ tables allow the guests to take shots of the receptions that a professional photographer may miss. The cameras keep the guests entertained and the pictures serve as memoirs of a special occasion. There is an increasing trend to offer wedding cameras as favors; the camera can be decorated in many ways so as to complement the event and reflect the taste of the bride and groom.


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