Win The Heart Of Your Better Half By Giving Them An Amazing Burgundy Gift On The Anniversary. Here Are Few Ideas You Definitely Should Go For (2022)

The first wedding anniversary is the paper anniversary. You could buy a framed original edition of a newspaper for example of your partner’s date of birth or tickets to a show.

The second anniversary is the cotton anniversary. Of course you could buy underwear or lingerie but maybe matching bath robes is more your style.

The third anniversary is the leather anniversary. This is one that may or may not be acceptable to your partner but it can be fake leather if you prefer. Anything from leather belts to a leather cell phone cover to a leather strapped watch is appropriate.

The fourth anniversary is the fruit and flowers anniversary. If you often send flowers then this might be the opportunity to try something a little fruitier.

The fifth anniversary is the wood anniversary. Instead of thinking about a wooden carving or piece of wooden furniture you could take a long anniversary weekend in a romantic log cabin and get away from your hectic lives for a few days.

The sixth anniversary is the iron anniversary. I am talking about the metal, not the appliance unless you want to risk buying a new iron for your anniversary. A better option may be wrought iron furniture such as a garden loveseat.

The seventh anniversary is either the wool or copper anniversary. Obviously these two are very different but it does mean that you could buy a woollen blanket for those cold nights in or matching copper bangles.

The eighth anniversary is the bronze anniversary. A perfect gift for this anniversary might be a bronze sculpture or a vacation to do some bronzing in the sun. You don’t have to be literal with the anniversary gift.

The ninth anniversary is the pottery anniversary. I used to think that this was one of the most predictable of all the anniversary gifts where most people would by a cup or plant pot made from pottery but then I was given a great idea by my friend. She actually arranged to do a reconstruction of the pottery scene from the movie ‘Ghost’. Enough said I think!

The tenth anniversary is the tin or aluminum anniversary. These days aluminum is used for a wealth of items but tin tends to be a little rarer. A good gift for this anniversary would be an aluminium watch or other personalised item.


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